Wednesday, November 16, 2011


I know you like the back of my hand,
See, like the length of your wingspan..
And how it can wrap around the small of my back, twice.
And how I didn't like you at first,
Because to be honest I always thought you were a little too nice.
Asked for some advice from a friend,
But I didn't take it cause her hearts broken right now.
And she said some things about love
that I didn't take to heed cause they were all too foul.
Gave you the benefit of the doubt,
Cause there's this feeling that you give me that I don't want to do without.
I don't want to scare you off, but my past still messes with my self esteem.
And I may look confident but that isn't always as it seems.
But I'm a woman now, don't you see these curves?
I'm silly enough to laugh with you, nuturing enough to kiss you when your on my last nerves.
Love is not a verb darling, it's an action everlasting.
This heart of mine was empty till you filled it up, I was fasting.
Spiritually in sync on the brink of revelation.
The purity of your creative thoughts put into articulation.
Locking of our jaws, young romance, causing speculation.
Sometimes I try to clear my mind but you always creep into my mediation.
Meditating on the median of the soul...
Meeting in the middle, not one of us in control.
But we just laugh it off.
Talk a bit.
And take stroll..


Monday, August 15, 2011

I strangely resemble a lion in this picture...

American Dreams

My aunts & Grand Dad :)

Friday, August 12, 2011

feed the children - banksy


If you met the truth,
You wouldn't take another glance at the lie you left behind.
Misusing innocence,
And girls with daddies that were impossible to find.
Oh, yes…
I know your kind.
Proclaiming loves name in vain,
Smiles leaving quickly as she came.
Everything looks good when it's new,
Nothing matters..
Until it comes to you.
Knowledge presented herself to you,
But you refused.
Remaining in the presence of pain that deceit induced.
A stranger to understanding,
Your comfortable with being confused.
So used to feeling used,
Unaccustomed to any sort of good news.
Confidence is distant lately,
A distorted reflection in the mirror of an unfamiliar lady.
Or perhaps its a figment of your imagination,


Sunday, August 7, 2011

I'm alive,

And extremely blessed!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

just writing

an acculmination of the words i never said

confined and bound by the boundaries inside my head

left uncomplacent and unfufilled by lies the world fed

tears fall upon innocent blood wrongfully shed

lives looked down upon because of socioeconomic status

love made an outcast as if it isn't the souls core apparatus

brothers killing brothers

taking their sisters on as less than casual lovers

lying to their fathers

direspecting mothers

vanity seeping out of the pores

young women boasting about their reputations as a whore

power, money, fame; the media's seducing lure

the world falsely proclaims these desires as a passion

worshipping lust, drugs, and fashion

entralled with the present not worried about anything lasting

hearts exploding due to constant inflation

dwelling in a drowing nation

succumbing to temptation

surrounded by hopeless vindication

screaming in a room full of intoxicated peers

what use is speaking when nobody can hear?

no heart pure, no conscious clear

no idea of who God is, and why He is to fear

My God

who can heal those who are broken

who's words we can hear as if they were clearly spoken

stirring up emotions so deeply emedded you feel as if your choking

allowing seemingly impossible forgiveness up to 70 times 7

in life Jesus loved us, In death opened up the gates of heaven

bringing peace in the midst of divine revelation

who am I but a sinner to be worthy of His mercy and salvation?


Monday, February 14, 2011


striving, driving for selflessness suffering for His cause/passionately pondering acting in faith without pause/mastering my own deceptive mind, exterminating affliction/ surpassing the surplus of past addiction/inquiring only One veracious opinion/a woman in humble rebellion/protesting the secular and its corrupt dominion/ overcoming the fate of the worlds prediction! REVOLT.


Tuesday, January 25, 2011

albert, oh albert

Friday, January 21, 2011


For Kaitie Jo! LAKERS!

Monday, January 17, 2011


this present is a new beginning

the past

i will not remember tomorrow

the love i did not know yesterday

is now the air i breathe

when there is no hate in your heart

the only think to know is love

powerful, unfailing

patient, i am waiting

for a love eternal

not chosen by my own want

but whom God will direct my heart to

faith overcomes fear

and love will see us through

to a love, unknown

my heart is yours

until we meet

not yet but soon.


Monday, January 3, 2011

shadows need light

misconceptions leading your soul in the wrong direction
shady recollections of imperfection
perfectly laid out in perception
not to mention
broken hearts nonchalantly pieced back together with grade school glue sticks
only love can makes ones heart whole again
running in place
the past holding you in the palm of its hand
so you cry out for wings
but your unsure of where to land
comforted by the rays of sun that protrude through the dark
lonliness and bad weather causing fear to embark
become accquainted with faith
for if time is your friend its never too late
forget having "goodluck"
fall in love with fate