Wednesday, April 6, 2011

just writing

an acculmination of the words i never said

confined and bound by the boundaries inside my head

left uncomplacent and unfufilled by lies the world fed

tears fall upon innocent blood wrongfully shed

lives looked down upon because of socioeconomic status

love made an outcast as if it isn't the souls core apparatus

brothers killing brothers

taking their sisters on as less than casual lovers

lying to their fathers

direspecting mothers

vanity seeping out of the pores

young women boasting about their reputations as a whore

power, money, fame; the media's seducing lure

the world falsely proclaims these desires as a passion

worshipping lust, drugs, and fashion

entralled with the present not worried about anything lasting

hearts exploding due to constant inflation

dwelling in a drowing nation

succumbing to temptation

surrounded by hopeless vindication

screaming in a room full of intoxicated peers

what use is speaking when nobody can hear?

no heart pure, no conscious clear

no idea of who God is, and why He is to fear

My God

who can heal those who are broken

who's words we can hear as if they were clearly spoken

stirring up emotions so deeply emedded you feel as if your choking

allowing seemingly impossible forgiveness up to 70 times 7

in life Jesus loved us, In death opened up the gates of heaven

bringing peace in the midst of divine revelation

who am I but a sinner to be worthy of His mercy and salvation?