Wednesday, November 16, 2011


I know you like the back of my hand,
See, like the length of your wingspan..
And how it can wrap around the small of my back, twice.
And how I didn't like you at first,
Because to be honest I always thought you were a little too nice.
Asked for some advice from a friend,
But I didn't take it cause her hearts broken right now.
And she said some things about love
that I didn't take to heed cause they were all too foul.
Gave you the benefit of the doubt,
Cause there's this feeling that you give me that I don't want to do without.
I don't want to scare you off, but my past still messes with my self esteem.
And I may look confident but that isn't always as it seems.
But I'm a woman now, don't you see these curves?
I'm silly enough to laugh with you, nuturing enough to kiss you when your on my last nerves.
Love is not a verb darling, it's an action everlasting.
This heart of mine was empty till you filled it up, I was fasting.
Spiritually in sync on the brink of revelation.
The purity of your creative thoughts put into articulation.
Locking of our jaws, young romance, causing speculation.
Sometimes I try to clear my mind but you always creep into my mediation.
Meditating on the median of the soul...
Meeting in the middle, not one of us in control.
But we just laugh it off.
Talk a bit.
And take stroll..