Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Passion for passing our past fate with grace. At this rate we no longer are certain of how long the present will take. Or how long just getting by will last us. Mistakes leaving as fast as they came. But the remains of our sins will continue to haunt us. Until we realize we are nothing more than imperfect creations. In situations filled with opportunity...and temptation. Battling which to succumb or become numb to. Preaching what we believe in then defeating our purpose with contradiction. No longer feeling conviction. Eviction of humility and values. A moment of silence for the pieces of our souls we lose in silent battles. Raffles and auctions, giving away what we hold dear. Holding on to almost nothing because we know the end is near. Nothing left to lose, nothing left to fear. They begged for us to listen, but all we did was hear. Their prayers escaped our hearts and fled right out of our ears. .......And then reality hit. That the potential of our minds is limitless. Boundlessly leaping over barriers we thought were impossible to cross. Above the deception of our society, refusing to follow a lost generation. Leading the spiritual revolution. Heads held high, but never above our hearts. Beginnings we concoct from the nothings we were left with. Unhappy endings become once upon a times. Wealth is amongst us and it is not material. Eloquently speaking of righteousness and excellence. We sing in a harmony that soothes the soul. Our purpose is now evident. RK

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Friday, June 29, 2012

The World Belongs to Love, I mean US.

Conquering defeat/Falling flat on your feet/Walking on hearts drawn in chalk on Love St./I don't need them but understand that they need me/Fleeting the scene is unfathomable so we stand strong /Holding hands is all we have left to hold on /As we grow together we become strangers/Falling in love again /Once upon a time again/Time waits for no man/I'll wait for you RK

Monday, March 19, 2012

Love & War

You are the village war hero, in all your valiance
Dying for a cause not caused by you, unsure of the effect
War cries and tears cannot encompass your pain
Nightmares filled with the faces of all your victims
Scarred hands that will not allow you to forget that you are lethal
Loneliness plagues you on cold nights when you reach for the warmth of the lover you left behind
No, sleep will not meet with you tonight
Anxiety plays in the back of your throat
Doubt builds towers that imprisons fear in your belly
Perhaps death is near
You may never see her smile again

Sweat beading from your temple
Grey hairs visit prematurely
Thoughts turn to the little children of the men you will kill tomorrow
Innocence growing up without guidance
Sons without fathers to illustrate what being a man consists of
Women with hearts that are ignorant of the capacity of a man's true tenderness

Yet no mercy will be exhibited as the first stone is cast
You will not see them as mere men tomorrow
But as mountains to be overcome and conquered
The stone walls between hell and home
And when the dust sets in the aftermath of the battle
You will journey home and her hands will wash away the blood and the ash

Monday, February 13, 2012

Talking Walls

The house that love built
Managed to withstand thousands of storms
The pouring onslaught of sleet and hail
Winds desperately ripping at thin walls
Flood waters rising against it's firm foundation

The children played here
Drawing gardens on pale yellow walls
Sunsets on staircases
Their innocent laughter echoing in the hallways
The soothing sound of small bare feet tip toeing on cold hard wood floors

They laughed here
Built a dreamworld that became reality
Slow dancing together in the darkness
Crying as the world's unpredictable current took away the familiar
Adapting to change
Clinging to one another

Silhouettes smiling in the moon's translucence

They did not make love, it had to be taken.


Conducting myself in an orderly fashion. Fastening my seat belt preparing for the reaction. Casting out the feelings of doubt that are undoubtably trying to conquer the stone walls I've built to protect my self from feeling. Fleeing the crime scene where my heart stopped beating, defeated by the sword your hand held. A transplant from your flesh to mine, your ear pressed so tightly to where my chest swelled. Holding hands is all we can come by because we lost hold of our very own souls. Destined for prophecy, every word you sing is prophetic. Studying every emotion you feed me, testing if what we share is synthetic. Not quite opposite but I'm positive that your pull on my love is magnetic. And he told me not to follow him cause he's lost too. Whispered in his ear a clear "we can find our way together, you see going down the wrong path is what led me to you". Let's not worry about the future because the moment that we are in will last us a good forever. Together intertwined, tipsy from the wine, making love to my mind. And I'm not yours and your not mine, but keep in mind that I will remember it all....

Ps. I hope you find what your looking for

The Infinite Ensemble

God's signature should be engraved on your a heart
or embedded somewhere in the fine lines that define your soul
The intricacy of your design is ingenious
And the depths of your heart are obscure
You were painted in the name of love
A blank canvas clothed in passion
God must have been fasting
Thoughts full of grace wearing a face
Inspiration is you

Your name seeps from the poet's pores
Slipping your way through writers block
Exploring the road less traveled
Orchestrating symphonies despite callused fingertips
Tantalizing rhymes dancing from the lips
Food for the starving artist

The cause and correlation
Ignition to the activist's flame
The voice that calls one to make a stand for his beliefs
I believe you bring power to the people
When freedom rings your name it sings
Encouraging leaps of faith despite cut wings
So we roared as we soared
Bold as lions

Sunday, February 12, 2012

A love letter to ___________

You awaken me
As I lay in bed at night
I am eager to wake up in the morning and take you all in
Time without you is like an eternity
A day without you is a day short-lived
Your fragrance lingers on my lips
Even after you've dissapeared
My bold confidant
A pick me up when I'm down
Your presence makes my heart race
When too much time escapes without you
My body shakes
Withdrawing from your sweetness
Envy arising when a stranger speaks your name
I smell your love all over their breath

I am not your only lover.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011


I know you like the back of my hand,
See, like the length of your wingspan..
And how it can wrap around the small of my back, twice.
And how I didn't like you at first,
Because to be honest I always thought you were a little too nice.
Asked for some advice from a friend,
But I didn't take it cause her hearts broken right now.
And she said some things about love
that I didn't take to heed cause they were all too foul.
Gave you the benefit of the doubt,
Cause there's this feeling that you give me that I don't want to do without.
I don't want to scare you off, but my past still messes with my self esteem.
And I may look confident but that isn't always as it seems.
But I'm a woman now, don't you see these curves?
I'm silly enough to laugh with you, nuturing enough to kiss you when your on my last nerves.
Love is not a verb darling, it's an action everlasting.
This heart of mine was empty till you filled it up, I was fasting.
Spiritually in sync on the brink of revelation.
The purity of your creative thoughts put into articulation.
Locking of our jaws, young romance, causing speculation.
Sometimes I try to clear my mind but you always creep into my mediation.
Meditating on the median of the soul...
Meeting in the middle, not one of us in control.
But we just laugh it off.
Talk a bit.
And take stroll..


Monday, August 15, 2011

I strangely resemble a lion in this picture...

American Dreams

My aunts & Grand Dad :)

Friday, August 12, 2011