Monday, March 19, 2012

Love & War

You are the village war hero, in all your valiance
Dying for a cause not caused by you, unsure of the effect
War cries and tears cannot encompass your pain
Nightmares filled with the faces of all your victims
Scarred hands that will not allow you to forget that you are lethal
Loneliness plagues you on cold nights when you reach for the warmth of the lover you left behind
No, sleep will not meet with you tonight
Anxiety plays in the back of your throat
Doubt builds towers that imprisons fear in your belly
Perhaps death is near
You may never see her smile again

Sweat beading from your temple
Grey hairs visit prematurely
Thoughts turn to the little children of the men you will kill tomorrow
Innocence growing up without guidance
Sons without fathers to illustrate what being a man consists of
Women with hearts that are ignorant of the capacity of a man's true tenderness

Yet no mercy will be exhibited as the first stone is cast
You will not see them as mere men tomorrow
But as mountains to be overcome and conquered
The stone walls between hell and home
And when the dust sets in the aftermath of the battle
You will journey home and her hands will wash away the blood and the ash

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