Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Passion for passing our past fate with grace. At this rate we no longer are certain of how long the present will take. Or how long just getting by will last us. Mistakes leaving as fast as they came. But the remains of our sins will continue to haunt us. Until we realize we are nothing more than imperfect creations. In situations filled with opportunity...and temptation. Battling which to succumb or become numb to. Preaching what we believe in then defeating our purpose with contradiction. No longer feeling conviction. Eviction of humility and values. A moment of silence for the pieces of our souls we lose in silent battles. Raffles and auctions, giving away what we hold dear. Holding on to almost nothing because we know the end is near. Nothing left to lose, nothing left to fear. They begged for us to listen, but all we did was hear. Their prayers escaped our hearts and fled right out of our ears. .......And then reality hit. That the potential of our minds is limitless. Boundlessly leaping over barriers we thought were impossible to cross. Above the deception of our society, refusing to follow a lost generation. Leading the spiritual revolution. Heads held high, but never above our hearts. Beginnings we concoct from the nothings we were left with. Unhappy endings become once upon a times. Wealth is amongst us and it is not material. Eloquently speaking of righteousness and excellence. We sing in a harmony that soothes the soul. Our purpose is now evident. RK