Monday, February 13, 2012


Conducting myself in an orderly fashion. Fastening my seat belt preparing for the reaction. Casting out the feelings of doubt that are undoubtably trying to conquer the stone walls I've built to protect my self from feeling. Fleeing the crime scene where my heart stopped beating, defeated by the sword your hand held. A transplant from your flesh to mine, your ear pressed so tightly to where my chest swelled. Holding hands is all we can come by because we lost hold of our very own souls. Destined for prophecy, every word you sing is prophetic. Studying every emotion you feed me, testing if what we share is synthetic. Not quite opposite but I'm positive that your pull on my love is magnetic. And he told me not to follow him cause he's lost too. Whispered in his ear a clear "we can find our way together, you see going down the wrong path is what led me to you". Let's not worry about the future because the moment that we are in will last us a good forever. Together intertwined, tipsy from the wine, making love to my mind. And I'm not yours and your not mine, but keep in mind that I will remember it all....

Ps. I hope you find what your looking for

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