Monday, February 13, 2012

The Infinite Ensemble

God's signature should be engraved on your a heart
or embedded somewhere in the fine lines that define your soul
The intricacy of your design is ingenious
And the depths of your heart are obscure
You were painted in the name of love
A blank canvas clothed in passion
God must have been fasting
Thoughts full of grace wearing a face
Inspiration is you

Your name seeps from the poet's pores
Slipping your way through writers block
Exploring the road less traveled
Orchestrating symphonies despite callused fingertips
Tantalizing rhymes dancing from the lips
Food for the starving artist

The cause and correlation
Ignition to the activist's flame
The voice that calls one to make a stand for his beliefs
I believe you bring power to the people
When freedom rings your name it sings
Encouraging leaps of faith despite cut wings
So we roared as we soared
Bold as lions

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