Friday, May 22, 2009

buenos dias

So I'm laying here at 935am watching made, and some people are straight ridiculous. Are these people for real? I didn't know some people were so sheltered. Anyways, got color on my new tattoo last night, it hurt like hell. One more session and my tattoo will be done. Seriously debating on getting a full sleeve. Might as well now since I'm half way there. Absolutely nothing to do this whole day, what to do with myself... I wish it was hotter so I could go to the beach. No more class, so happy for summer.

I've lost my creativity, and I cannot find it. Its really fustrating!! I have been itching to write any and everything but can't seem to write anything down! Grrrr.

Let's get some greek food and see a awesome movie tonite ! Sounds perfect =)

Oh, and got a new puppy his name is Buster. So cute, pics coming asap.

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