Friday, September 18, 2009

free write

i need to be restored. my mind is broken, my heart is broken. i am in a billion pieces. where is the handyman i long for? if you know anyone available, please tell them my heart has an opening. i pay well. i offer benefits, such as insurance. if i break your heart, i promise to give you a new one.

my heart is an untold story. in search of a talented writer to organize my life into an enchanting tale. someone who will add his own twist, i will want to eat up his every word. his writings will cast a spell on me, and leave me wondering what will happen next. he will give me the perfect ending, even if its not happily ever after.

take my picture. im hiring a photographer to capture my heart. he will take my picture, and show me how beautiful i am. something i have not seen in a while. he will show me the perfect way to pose. his camera will capture all my love.

but my soul needs a caretaker, most of all. there is a lonely sign, hanging in the vacant window of my heart that reads:



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