Monday, November 9, 2009

alone in the unknown

the lights escapes through slivers of your hair
shining onto me
i can feel the suns warmth
i soak it in
stare into oblivion

i wait.

is this just a dream?
when will i wake up?
i hope i don't wake up
to find myself alone in the unknown
i am startled when you say something
your words are distant, far away
you reach out for me
invite me into you
pull me in closer, closer
so close, but never close enough

my hand makes itself at home
where your heart is
a passionate embrace
a soft sweet kiss
i pull back and study your face
count your freckles

i awaken
you are gone
i cannot find you
so i lay here alone in the unknown
& this is my reality
without you

ill see you again, in my dreams


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