Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Eye Opener.

A beautiful nine-year-old girl from Southlake, Texas, got married a few days ago, in what parents said it was her final wish before she died. Jayla Cooper is suffering from late-stage leukemia, and doctors say that she only has a couple of weeks more to live. The little girl knows this and she asked her parents to do this one last thing for her. They agreed and organized a beautiful wedding for their daughter. The ceremony created a lot of buzz on the Internet, with some saying that what happened was a sin, while others expressed sympathy and compassion for the little girl.

Jayla's choice for a groom was another patient of the Children’s Medical Center in Dallas, where she is committed, and his name is Jose Griggs. He is also her best friend, and the little girl says “He is very cute. And I love him.”

“He's brighter, happier and more content with all that they go through in the hospital. She changed that, brought it all out [and] opened up a side of him I hadn't seen,” the boy's father, Lawrence Griggs, adds.

“We didn't expect to do this when she was nine years old. But she has taught us all how to love each other and to be strong,” the girl's mother, Lisa Cooper, explains. At this time, Jayla is already on morphine, to relieve her growing pains, but those who attended the beautiful ceremony confirm that they haven't seen her so happy in a very long time.

The little girl has been battling the terrible disease for two years now, but this is one of the unfair ones, and she cannot win. Within a matter of weeks, she is expected to close her eyes forever. “She's already on morphine, but I have never seen her look so good. She was shimmering,” Tina Kirkpatrick, the catering planer for the event, tells ParentDish.

On the Web, some feminist activists argue that the ceremony conveyed a wrong message, in that the highest goal of a woman's life should not be to get married. Indeed, there are those who have no heart and who only look at the practical side of things. Others have posted numerous comments on various sites, expressing their approval of the two kids and saying that the parents did well in accepting Jayla's wish. (By Tudor Vieru, Science Editor)

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  1. CRAZY. How could anyone consider that a sin? Love is love. I think we can all learn a little from her. Good post. I definitely don't agree with other people's opinion. I mean who said that was her highest goal? She asked for something. Why can't she just be granted what she asked for and leave it at that? Wouldn't you want what you asked for?