Tuesday, August 25, 2009

a beautiful struggle, according to..

So, yesterday I REALLY just wanted to give up, like literally say fuck everything. THATS how horrible my day was going, it was like one blow right after another. The world did not seem to want to give me any kind of slack... but thanks to all the encouraging words from my friends and family I went to sleep deciding that today I would wake up and it would be time to grind. I realized when the world keeps pushing you, you just have to push back. No love taps, but SHOVE! I think being 20 is such a hard age, the decisions I make right now are going to shape the rest of my life. I know most of what I want, like the things that will make me happy and what I want to do. The thing I am more worried about is the financial part.. I want to do things I am passionate about, like.. photography, writing. Those aren't careers that are very stable. Isn't it sad that money is so important that we sacrifice what we love to do in order to be able to live? Society complains that we are a money driven country, but is that our fault when the government makes the cost of living SO HIGH? Anyways, sorry I am getting boring now. BYE!

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