Thursday, May 13, 2010


Ideas are brewing! I do not know what it is about coffee, the fresh morning air, paper, and a pen... the combo just gets my blood flowing and my brain cells dancing. I have been really interested in helping out the community lately; I may not have much myself, but if I can help someone else out, even a little.. I plan to do so. I decided to make a few phone calls, and the wonderful people I have had the pleasure of speaking with have inspired me to do so much. Go through with the plans I have been thinking about for so long, and instead of waiting for an opportunity to come to me, I have decided to make my own opportunities! I am working on a few projects with some great people that I am very excited about. I will not say too much about all my plans, because as we all know things do not always go as we plan. So instead of telling the world what I am going to do, I plan to show you all what I have in store. I will keep you ladies and gentlemen updated on the latest news!

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