Tuesday, July 6, 2010

his point of view

not too sure how the story goes on without you/telling you i'd change i just never got the chance to/ trying to explain all those things i said in vain/claiming that you loved me and you hoped i felt the same/ we became a pair by chance this wasn't pre-arranged/ so now your acting like your bitter and your complaining that ive changed/ focused on what we lost, but you forgot about the gain/its sad to see you go, but im happy that you came

in depth conversations that have our minds making u-turns/we always end up at the same fork in the road, when will we ever learn/i always wonder when my side of the story will be heard/all you ever talk about is how many times that you've been burned/ what about my feelings? they always get drowned out by your cries/not focused on our come up your just set on our demise/and as your heart begins to rot i struggle to swat away the flies/our truth just seems to get lost in a maze of uncertainty and lies/and all i ask of you to remember is that my heart beats your name, atleast till our love dies

i've always wondered what love was/since you've been gone i realized it was us/loveless holding up a sign that says your name or bust/ im sorry that i got distracted by the flashing lights and forgot to call you back/ and im sorry you suffered lonely sleepless nights while i focused on my latest track/nevertheless, you were the 1 and i know that for a fact/your waiting and im claiming ill shape up but you know its not for certain/so you ended our show earlier than expected by closing up the final curtain/i had the lead role, but the award goes to you for best supporting actress/ give me more time to love you right coach, i just need a little practice.


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