Tuesday, July 27, 2010

untitled, tilll further notice.

Some say pussy is power; well some females use their power for evil. Chasing dreams in vain, taking it in the veins. Over working their bodies and neglecting their brains. Its insane to think they sin for a short lived win and some change. Oblivious to the pain they cause their mothers, can't look their fathers in the eyes; its called being ashamed. Damsels in distress? Only pressed to get a new bag, this is merely poor mans wealth. Stressing for his love but he's already in love with himself. Drowning her sorrows in a bottle so the sadness cannot be felt. Bags under her eyes, no shut eye, no rest for the wicked. Greedy for the cake, crumbs on the plate, she licks it. Sticks and pricks her body, injects the pain away. Clinging to the men who want to leave, hurting the men who stay. Different hotel every night, no place to call a home. Different man everyday, no one to call her own. She's not sure on what love is, growing up she was never shown. Never got the gift of being innocent, always seemed so grown. A young woman, existing, doesn't know how to live. A cold world, they say you get what you give. And the sad thing is.....

The only thing she thinks she has to offer the world is her pussy.


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