Monday, February 23, 2009


Yesterday was the best day I have had in a long time. It was not a big deal or anything, simple but meaningful.

-woke up without a hangover =]
-church with my family
-dinner with my family
-way ways house for fun activities, such as learning to play SKATE. on Xbox & watching American Hustle.

Today, I thought it was going to be COLD. Sooooo, I wore leggings, boots, & a fkn cashmere sweater. I was sweating like I was in Vegas. Not to mention I was running around campus like a chicken with its head cut off trying to deal with my financial aid.

The last few weeks I have been going through so much, and church made life seem so peaceful & simple. I'm blessed to even be alive, healthy, and have great family and friends. Instead of focusing on the negative I am going to embrace the positive. And, instead of avoiding the mountains I face, I am going to speak to them. Your thoughts and words are seeds. They plant the fruit you eat. Remember that!

Ohh, and randomness! I JUST got done painting my nails... I feel like a new woman! Whooo hoooo. I'm ready to take on the world now ! Ok, now I am going to BED. Class tomorrow at 8am. Have a goodnight all.

Ray // <333

PS ! I am going to make it a GOAL to go to church faithfully EVERY Sunday. =]]

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