Thursday, February 19, 2009

broken monuments

i speak not of the absence of my mind/for it is lost in the absyss of you/i can only dream of the escapades that took place/deep in the land of we/adventures that i can not recall/because pleasure that powerful can make one forgetful/forced to erase images to save me from myself/from yearning for and missing what was/intimate moments that once was us/ once upon a time/where you and i became a we/where i lost my foundation / but built a monument of you/but then your monument began to fall/ so i had to re-build and re-construct/ until you fell for the last time and i learned solid things should never crumble/ in the midst of loss i lost myself/now all im left with is the story of us/trying to put the pieces back together/along with my mind and my shattered memory/and yet the only clear image i have left is of you


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