Saturday, January 10, 2009

writing sets me free

[creating atmosphere]

i say we procreate, no time to waste. wait. kiss me there before you have a taste. sweet success. passionate sex. sex me passionately. she & he. we. in the middle is where we meet. sweet. complete. everything but neat. a beautiful intertwining of two. way passed due. me and you. missed your first cue. now its time to exit. minds saying stay but I wont confess it. escaping to our own atmosphere. nothing exists but here. mind perplexed your sex makes it clear. the air we share is rare. to compare anything would be unfair. the world is against us so do we dare? it says opposites attract, but we could never pair. ask us, do we care. the world is there. we are we, in here. our own atmosphere.


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