Friday, January 9, 2009

day one !

Well, looks as if I'm going to try this whole "blogging" thing out. I always found it interesting, but never really thought about making my own blog. So I'm overly excited! Okaaayy, so a few things about myself. My name is Rachelle, I'm 19 years old (almost a dub on feb 1st, whooo hooo!) =] I work and go to school in San Diego, California. Like most young adults I definitely do not know what it is I exactly want to do with my life; and when I do THINK I know what I want to do, it abruptly changes the next day. So I just find myself living life like its golden until that day I really decide on whatever it is I want to do. My goals in life are to travel the world, volunteer in third world countries, have a happy family, adopt children, and write books. I love to write poetry and read. I'm not happy or content with my life at the moment. I just want to fast forward to a point in my life where I actually know what it is I REALLY want. Well, thats all for today folks! I'm off to fashion valley to go shopping for a hot dress to where to club sumbmission tonight !

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