Friday, January 30, 2009

words ...

no one understands, i seem to be misunderstood. we can't find common ground, your standing where i stood. i never do what im told, even though i should. you wouldnt be able to entertain my thoughts, even if you could. i try not to mislead, because ive been misled. always say what i think, closed mouths arent fed. i tend not to feed the needy,lessons have taught me they tend to get a little greedy. i dont steal from the rich, i dont give to the poor. i dont give my heart to boys, since they are never really sure. so i told myself to keep it, like an untold story or a secret. you can hold my hand, but you cant hold my heart. my heart tells me to let go, but my mind tells me be smart. so ill keep my heart & my sanity, and just takes your apart.


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