Monday, January 12, 2009


I guess I don't realize I have it pretty good living on Crown Point Drive. I was driving home from work today, with a fatty of a migrane may I add ... looked over to my left and was in awe of how pretty of a day it was. Us So Cal residents have it pretty good weather wise compared to most. I work at a call center in Pacific Beach and I called this guy in Wisconsin, he was telling me how it was below 30 degrees! I think I would die in weather like that. I think its freezing when its 55 degrees! LOL. Maybe I just don't know how to dress warm, or I don't want to. Either way, I don't see myself ever straying to far from So Cal. I love love love it here! Plus, California girls are the best girls by far. Anywho, these are pictures of the view from my house and the palm tree in front of mi casa.

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  1. swagger jacker;
    i had a similar post .. ha ha nice post tho ..